Why customer service is key to selling a home quickly

When the pressure is on to sell a home quickly, the estate agent and customer both feel the strain.

In recent years we’ve seen a shift in customer expectations and now the estate agency market is under fire for not meeting the needs of consumers. We’ve spoken before of the measures we take to counteract this toxic lack of customer service within our industry, but there’s still a stigma attached to the sector.

Recent statistics show that customers in general are not satisfied by the service they receive in the UK, so are you doing enough to provide the best buying experience possible?

Rapport = Sales

Nicknamed the relationship economy, it’s becoming more vital than ever to focus on the core of your customers’ needs. This may seem obvious, but in the housing market the pressure often gets to sellers, causing some questionable tactics to creep in.

Although sellers may have their own goals in mind, for a swift, successful sale you’ll need to ensure you’re offering something which your customers actually need. So before you start slashing prices, evaluate whether you and your agent are taking the correct approach.

You may be surprised to know that The Institute of Customer Service (ICS) found that only 15% of consumers value price over great customer service. The customer journey needs to be a positive experience; and pressured deals and rushed viewings are of course detrimental to your rapport with potential buyers.

A new study by the ICS suggested that 40% of businesses are not measuring customer service ROI, which to us merely underlines the point that this is not something that is properly built into the framework of many modern companies. You simply must have metrics in place to gauge how successful your customer service techniques are, otherwise how are you going to improve?

The idea of customer service probably conjures up images of dissatisfied shoppers vs. retailers, but in reality expectations are rising in every industry. The fluxing nature of the housing market is stressful enough, without poor service on top of everything, so customer relationships need to be nurtured and that’s why it’s best for buyers and sellers to contact an agency that understands this to sell your home quickly.

ICS also found that it is the younger generation who are the most narked about poor customer service. Could this mean the next young couple you meet who are looking for a little nest egg, are also judging you closely on your customer service?

How do we combat this?

It’s our mission to ensure that both seller and prospective buyers are satisfied with our services. When you please the buyers, you make progress which in turn pleases the sellers – it really is that simple.

Going above and beyond for customers is something we consider standard service. The way we treat our customers sets us apart from other agencies in the UK. Being flexible for out-of-hour viewings, or even last-minute secondary viewings to ensure customers are committed to their purchase is sure to meet the very basic requirements at least, yet you’ll be surprised how many people don’t do this.

We’ve been holding American-style ‘open house’ viewings to give potential buyers even more flexibility. There are some people who are simply too busy to commit to a given time and day, so by attending one property all day and allowing anyone to walk through and view the home at their leisure, you’re giving them the opportunity to view the house at any time.

We’ve noticed that the fact that anyone can walk in and fall in love with the house, and make an offer there and then, provides a subtle and natural element of pressure that works much better than agents who aggressively pursue a deal.

Whilst efficiency is good, there’s no way to rush a successful buyer journey. No matter what industry you work in, now is the time to focus on customer service and go the extra mile for customers, to cash in on the rapport you form. It’s not about an all-over charm offensive, just good old-fashioned caring for customer needs.

Get things right and you could successfully sell your home in no time.

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