Do I Need A For Sale Board?

Believe it or not, we are often asked by our clients ‘is there really a need to have a for sale board’. As agents, it is our job to get the word out to the world that YOUR home is for sale and get the right buyer through your door. If you want to sell your home, you want interested parties to know instantly that it is available – a For Sale board can help you to do that in so many ways.

What if there is a viewer out there eagerly awaiting a property on your particular street, and they miss out because they didn’t realise it was for sale?
Yes, online advertising brings in the majority of viewers nowadays but you should know that agents do get many calls each week after spotting a sign they have just driven past or walked by. The main advantage of having a For Sale board is that it attracts attention to your home. Those driving or walking past might notice it, book a viewing, like what they see and out of nothing you have a possible offer that would have been missed had it not been there. This passer by may inform their friend, family member, colleague or fellow parent at the school gates that your house is on the market. Word-of-mouth marketing is still invaluable within the community in this day and age.

We do get apprehensive clients who don’t want their nosey neighbour to know their house is for sale. But what if this neighbour has family or friends desperate to move closer to them? Word-of-mouth advertising will again prevail. What if this nosey neighbour or neighbourhood watch member is stood twitching at the windows at your potential buyers on viewing day, will they think it’s a stranger prowling around your garden? Could It put off your buyers?

We get some dejected clients who have been on the market for ages, with various agents and feel embarrassed to be changing agents again. However, a change is a great thing. If you have switched agents and there is no board, somebody who may have been interested in your home previously but was not in a position to view may think the house is sold and never even consider looking.

We get the nervous clients who don’t want people to knock on the door wanting to view impromptu. If they want to view, that’s great, your board advertisement has worked, it got them to take notice and brought them to your door! Tell them you are unable to show them around and direct them to call the agent. The number is on the board! A ‘viewing by appointment only’ slip can be highlighted on the board too, so do not worry.

With most people checking out properties online, some do still do a drive-by-the house prior to booking a viewing. Many houses on a street look similar, most online adverts don’t include the house name or number, what if they didn’t spot your house, or thought it must have sold already if there is no sign. You may miss a potential lead.

These are all valid concerns when considering having a for sale board but none out way the value of having a for sale board outside your home when you are wanting to sell it. Having the board promptly and proudly outside your property maximises the exposure your home gets on all levels. Even if your house is at the end of a cul-de-sac or down a single track, you should not overlook the smallest number of potential buyers that might see it. People still drive around an area they wish to buy, looking for that dream home.
You only need that one person to step through your door.

If you’d like help to sell your home more effectively, or would like more information on how our individually designed bespoke for sale boards can maximise your exposure, just drop us a line at [email protected] or pick up the phone to us on 01204 329975,


Sam & Laura Newton

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