How To Prepare Your Property For Photographs

So your property has been valued, you’ve chosen your agency, signed your contracts and now it’s time for pictures. The most important feature when marketing a property is undoubtedly the photographs and it’s in the agency’s best interest, as well as yours, to portray your property in the best light possible. Internal and external photographs are likely to be the subject of a prospective buyer’s first impressions of a property and from these pictures, they will decide whether or not they wish to view.

Here at Newton & Co, our professional property photographers and marketers know exactly what we can do to entice viewers into your home through pictures, but as the seller, there are also a few things that you can do to enhance your property and ensure that no potential viewer is turned away, so if you’re looking to get an edge over your competition in the current housing market, then here are our step-by-step, top tips for property photographs:


Cleaning: It may go without saying, but giving your property a thorough clean/vacuum is at the top of the list.
Curtains and Blinds: Keep all curtains and blinds open and make sure they are hung up straight.
Windows: Make sure there are no finger prints or smears on windows that are visible to the eye.
Lighting: Making sure your property is well lit can have a greater advantage than you may think. Ensure that all light bulbs/spotlights are working properly and replace any that have gone out.
Switch-Up: Consider re-positioning furniture in order to best maximise the space you have on offer.
Extra Touches: Try adding vases of fresh flowers in suitable places around the property.


De-clutter: Make sure all landing walkways are clean and clear.
Shoes: If you have any pairs of shoes which you usually keep in your hallway, please take some time to organise them neatly, or even better, place them out of sight.


Accessories: Adding some cushions and throws is a great way to add a touch of comfort and style to your home.
Toys: If you have any young children, it is advisable to keep their toys tidy or again, out of sight.
Entertainment: We do advise that any collections of DVDs, books or magazines are kept as organised as possible.
Tables: It is advisable to de-clutter table surfaces and consider setting the dining room table/s.


Washing-Up: Make sure that all dishes are clean and put away (not on the drainer/drying rack).
Appliances: Give all appliances a clean down, especially any visible stains on stove tops.
Bins: Take all bins out and consider placing them out of sight.
Tea Towels: We advise not to keep any dirty tea towels on show, or any oven mitts displayed over the oven door.
Drinks: Either store away or neatly organise any bottles of drink on show.


Beds: Ensure that all beds are neatly made and that bed spreads are ironed to remove any visible creases.
Under Beds: Keep the underneath of beds tidy, organised and de-cluttered.
Doors: Close all wardrobe doors and drawers.
Furniture: Fix any furniture that has faulty/wonky doors or drawers so that these cannot be identified through picture.
Laundry: Keep any laundry/ironing off the floors/beds and stored out of sight.


Clutter: Remove all visible products and clutter from the side of baths/shower racks/sinks.
Bottles: Ensure any cleaning equipment eg: bleach bottles and bathroom cleaners are kept out of sight.
Towels: We advise to not hang towels over the side of baths. Store them away or instead, select matching/complementary towels to be placed on towel rails.
Toilet Seats: Close all toilet seats.
Mirrors: Make sure any mirrors are wiped clean from visible stains.


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