What To Expect On Your Valuation

Your property valuation or as we label it ‘property consultation’ is as much about getting to know an estate agent and what they offer as much as it is about finding out what price your property is worth. All agents are different, and you need to find that ideal match for you. You are trying to sell your biggest asset remember so it’s worth a little bit of time investment to get to know your agent.

Most valuations last approximately an hour. An agent should take time to ask questions about you, your moving plans and your home. They should present you with comparable information on similar properties sold in the area to back up their valuation. They should take a tour of your property and garden and highlight any potential areas that may require attention prior to marketing. Don’t worry about trying to make your house a show home just yet. Most agents won’t be looking to take photographs at your valuation appointment. If they do, these should present initial warning signs. You shouldn’t feel pressured into signing a contract there and then. They should give you time to process the information they have given you. If they suggest photographing the house the same day, how much attention to detail are they really giving your property. Are you just another number on their books? They should most certainly not be taking photographs on their mobile phones. As an agent it is their job to help you present your property to the best it can be to entice those viewers through your door.

It’s natural you will have questions for your agent, so perhaps write some down and don’t forget, you can always call them later for additional information.

Here’s some questions to think about:

Is it the right time to sell my house?
Agents are often asked when is the best time to sell. Well, in answer to the question, selling your home at the right time is fundamental and true there are certain times of the year which are conventionally better for selling than others. It is worth considering your buyer or the market you are aiming for then you can plan according to their timescales. For instance some families prefer to move before summer, to ensure they are in a particular school catchment area prior to the school application deadline in September. However, it is much more important to choose a time that works for you. If you rush yourself into putting your home on the market without clear thought or without preparing it properly you could be setting yourself up to fail. If you are not quite ready to sell, don’t sell.

How Quickly Can My Property Be Up For Sale?
Some agents can get your property online in just one day. However, this may lack the attention to detail required to present your home to the best of its ability as you only get one chance to make that first impression. You want to ensure your property hits Rightmove with a bang. Ideally you should have time to prepare your property to the best it can be before the photographs are taken. Nobody wants to see the washing piling up in the spare bedroom or the numerous bottles of shampoos or toilet bleach in your bathrooms. Your marketing photographs are the upmost important factor in selling your home so make sure this isn’t rushed.

Where will you list my home?
Did you know over 95% of people now search for a new property online? Rarely now do people pop into an agency, browse a local newspaper or look at a window display in a high street agent to see what they have for sale. To ensure your property has maximum exposure, it is vital your agent advertises on Rightmove as it is the biggest and most popular online property portal in the UK. Other popular portals such as Zoopla, PrimeLocation and On The Market are handy additional perks.

Do you conduct viewings?
Your estate agent should without doubt be the one to conduct the viewings on your home. The main purpose of any viewing is to give interested parties the opportunity to get a close up inspection of your property and to display any additional aspects not featured in your marketing. Agents are experts in selling houses. They are trained in how to show off each property to its full potential and they have the necessary skills to build a rapport with your viewers to make them comfortable and relaxed during the viewing to allow them to take their time to really explore and ask any questions they might have about the house. The agent should be able to read any buying signs from potential buyers and obtain helpful feedback. If you were to conduct a viewing yourselves the buyers may feel awkward, too uncomfortable and not like telling you the truth on how they feel about the property.

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